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  1. To add data to your pages and retrieve it from APIs provided by our CMS, you need to create blocks within those pages. To create blocks, click on three dots on a page's right side and select the View Blocks option.

  1. Click on Block Library to create a block for your page.

  1. Fill up the form and click on Create . Here we selected a Rich Text Type block, which stores HTML content in the CMS.

  1. Enter your content in the newly created block in the editor and click on Save.

  1. You can also see the response that you will get from our APIs for all the blocks, by clicking on the View Response button.

Our platform offers six distinct block types for users to utilize:

  1. Text: Designed for inputting concise text content.

  2. Text Area: Intended for entering lengthy paragraphs or extended text.

  3. Link: Facilitates the inclusion of image links through the Cloudinary service.

  4. Rich Text Editor: Enables the direct conversion of written content into HTML code.

  5. Group: A collection of Text, Text Area, Link, and Rich Text Editor blocks.

  6. List: A sophisticated and hybrid form of grouping elements.

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