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  1. To input data from your pages and retrieve it, you need to create form within the pages. To create forms, click on three dots on a page's right side and select the View Forms option.

  1. Click on Create Form to create a form for your page.

  1. Fill in all the necessary details, and your form will be created.

We support two type of form types:

  1. NexaFlow: We will store the data in our servers, and retrieve it to you, whenever required.

  2. HubSpot: You can also integrate your HubSpot account, to save your data in their servers.

  1. Once a form is created, you can add multiple fields in the form by using the Add field button. And you can save the form by clicking on Save Form button.

  1. If you wish to see the code, click on the 3 dots in the Form Name's right, and choose the View Code option.

Once responses are recorded. User can also download response in CSV format.

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